I used to teach elementary school in the Boise School District (I loved it). My goal was to understand each student’s strengths, passions, and needs to figure out what worked for who (and when). Today I have the same goal at ISG Print + Embroidery.

Nike Polos and swag bags for summer golf tournaments? You got it.

Ladies’ power jacket to close the New Year’s Deal? Heck yes.

Sweat-wicking tees for hot, summer labor? You bet.

Trendy tees for your spring merch corner? All day.

Trucker hats in every color for the company BBQ? You better believe it.

Christmas Carhartt Jackets for your hard-working team? Yes, sir.

I think you get the point.

Teaching is most effective when it is individualized and so is corporate apparel decoration. We want to get to know you and what works for you. Let us be the experts that make you look good!

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